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Updated on May 18, 2022

Device setting file

  • File in JSON format
    "0_0_0": {
        "configurations": [
                "channel_id": 0,
                "number": 4,
                "size": 1,
                "value": 0
        "associations": [
                "channel_id": 0,
                "group_id": 2
Field Type Required Description
0_0_0 string + An id of the device. Format:
configurations array + Array of configuration parameters
configurations.channel_id number +
configurations.number number +
configurations.size number Size in bytes (Default is 4)
configurations.value number +
associations array + Array of association groups
associations.channel_id number Root channel (0) by default
associations.group_id number +
associations.target_channel_id number Destination channel Id. Set 0 for specific devices. See description for more details
  • How does firmware set association from device settings file? Here is an algorithm on pseudo code:
					if multichannel association CC is absent then
    Using association CC
elseif field target_channel_id is absent then
    Using multichannel association CC via mapping group to node
    Using multichannel association CC via mapping group to node and channel
Note, firmware sets association ( via multichannel association CC or association CC ) for “Lifeline” group by default. It maps group to node. If your device supports only mapping to node+group, please set associations.target_channel_id to 0.