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Updated on November 13, 2021

Gateway setting

  • Gateway setting table
fields type description
id string an id of the setting (in format plugin_id.setting_name)
gateway_id string an id of a gateway owning a setting
value_type string type of a gateway setting value, one of int, string, action, token**
value depends on value_type field gateway setting value
status string synchronization status (synced, pending or failed)
label text [opt] name
description text [opt] description
info table [opt] implementation details
value_default depends on value_type field [opt] default gateway setting value
value_min depends on value_type field [opt] minimal value for gateway setting value
value_max depends on value_type field [opt] maximal value for gateway setting value
has_setter bool [opt] whether a gateway setting’s value can be modified or not, by default is true
enum table [opt] possible values for token types