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Updated on November 14, 2021


TCP connection handler provides a byte stream interface. Implementation keeps an internal buffer for each TCP connection handler, which can be fetched by or inspected by . Size of such buffer can be inspected by method.
  • data in a TCP connection handler can be consumed by portions.

UDP connection handler provides a datagram interface.

  • data in a UDP connection handler can NOT be consumed by portions. Actually it’s possible to specify amounts of bytes to consume from a UDP connection handler, such amount will be provided to a caller (if any), but a whole UDP datagram is fetched from an underlying UDP socket, so it won’t be possible to consume another part of THIS datagram in a next request as it will be fetched already.
  • In a current implementation all handler i/o events are paused till data is consumed from the handler, of course if there’s some data to consume. For example, if a handler has some data to consume and this data is not consumed either by or requests, no future i/o events for this handler get delivered to subscribers till data from this handler gets consumed.