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Updated on May 19, 2023


Name Value Type Enum Methods Default value Description
acceleration_x_axis Getter 0 Device position in space was canged around X axis
acceleration_y_axis Getter 0 Device position in space was canged around Y axis
acceleration_z_axis Getter 0 Device position in space was canged around Z axis
appliance_status Applience Status Getter unknown
lock_operation Lock Operation Getter unknown
user_code_operation User Code Operation Getter no_operation
dw_handle_state Door/Window Handle State Getter unknown
dw_state Door/Window State Getter unknown
latch_state Latch State Getter unknown Describes state of door lock latch
keypad_state Keypad State Getter unknown
emergency_state Emergency State Getter idle
barrier_initialization Barrier initialization states Getter unknown
barrier_unattended_operation Barrier unattended operation enabled/disabled events Getter unknown
barrier_vacation_mode Barrier vacation mode Getter unknown
barrier_safety_beam_obstacle Barrier safety beam obstacle events Getter unknown
barrier_problem_sensors of Barrier Problem Sensors Getter Empty dictionary Map sensorID to status token.
barrier_short_circuit Short Circuit States Getter unknown
barrier_fail_events Barrier fail events Getter no_barrier_fails
button_state Button actions Getter released Controller button state.
test_state Test State Getter unknown Get result of testing device
co_alarm Alarm Events( CO ) Getter unknown
maintenance_state Maintenance State Getter unknown
sounding_mode Sounding Mode Getter(optional) / Setter(optional) unknown Getter and/or setter are present depend on device functionality
sound_list of Getter Empty dictionary List of the supported tones
sound_volume Getter / Setter 100 Tone volume configuration
sound_select Getter / Setter 1 Selected tone configuration
sound_playback Sound Playback Getter / Setter false Play or stop playing the selected tone
periodic_inspection_state Periodic Inspection State Getter unknown
co2_alarm Alarm Events( CO2 ) Getter unknown
gas_alarm Alarm Sensor Events( Gas ) Getter unknown
heat_alarm Alarm Events( Heat ) Getter unknown
siren_alarm Alarm Events( Siren ) Getter unknown
light_alarm Alarm Events( Light ) Getter unknown
light_color_transition Light changes Getter unknown
temperature_changes Temperature changes Getter unknown
intrusion_alarm Intrusion State Getter unknown
tampering_cover_alarm Tampering Cover State Getter unknown
glass_breakage_alarm Glass Breakage State Getter unknown
tampering_move_alarm Tampering Move State Getter unknown
tampering_impact_alarm Tampering Impact State Getter unknown
tampering_invalid_code_alarm Tampering Invalid Code State Getter unknown
smoke_alarm Alarm Sensor Events( Smoke ) Getter unknown
dust_in_device Dust In Device Getter unknown
water_leak_alarm Water Leak Alarm Getter unknown
water_filter_replacement_alarm Water Filter Replacement Alarm Getter unknown
water_flow_alarm Water Flow Alarm Getter unknown
water_pressure_alarm Water Pressure Alarm Getter unknown
water_temperature_alarm Water Temperature Alarm Getter unknown
water_level_alarm Water Level Alarm Getter unknown
water_pump_state Pump State Getter unknown
water_valve_state Water Walve State Getter / Setter(optional) unknown
master_water_valve_state Water Walve State Getter / Setter(optional) unknown
water_valve_short_circuit Short Circuit State Getter unknown
master_water_valve_short_circuit Short Circuit State Getter unknown
water_valve_current_alarm Valve Current Alarm State Getter unknown
master_water_valve_current_alarm Valve Current Alarm State Getter unknown
rain_alarm Rain State Getter unknown
moisture_alarm Moisture State Getter unknown
freeze_alarm Freeze State Getter unknown
power_state Power State Getter unknown
ac_state AC State Getter unknown
power_surge_state Power Surge State Getter no_surge
voltage_drop_drift_state Voltage Drop/Drift State Getter unknown
over_current_state Over Current State Getter unknown
over_voltage_state Over Voltage State Getter unknown
over_load_state Over Load State Getter unknown
load_error_state Load Error State Getter unknown
battery_maintenance_state Battery Maintenance State Getter unknown Actual state of device battery. State may describe desired action, e.g. “replace battery now”
battery_charging_state Battery Charging State Getter unknown
battery_backup Getter 100
angle_position Getter 0
atmospheric_pressure Getter 0
barometric_pressure Getter 0
barrier Barrier Operator Events Setter First available token from enum Request barier state change, only “barrier_opened” and “barrier_closed” events are supported
barrier_state Barrier Operator Events Getter operating_unknown Get current barrier state
hw_state Hardware State Getter unknown
sw_state Software State Getter unknown
emergency_shutoff Emergency State Getter unknown
digital_input_state Digital Input State Getter unknown
clock_state Clock State Getter unknown
remaining_time Getter 0
basic Getter / Setter false
battery Getter 100
co2_level Getter 0
co_level Getter 0
dew_point Getter 0
dimmer Getter / Setter 0
dimmer_down Setter 0
dimmer_stop Setter 0
dimmer_up Setter 0
direction Getter 0
distance Getter 0
door_lock Door Lock Modes Getter / Setter unknown
electric_meter_amper Getter 0
electric_meter_kvah Getter 0
electric_meter_kvar Getter 0
electric_meter_kvarh Getter 0
electric_meter_kwh Getter 0
electric_meter_power_factor Getter 0
electric_meter_pulse Getter 0
electric_meter_volt Getter 0
electric_meter_watt Getter 0
electric_resist Getter 0
water_meter_volume Getter 0
water_meter_pulse Getter 0
gas_meter_volume Getter 0
gas_meter_pulse Getter 0
heating_meter_energy Getter 0
cooling_meter_energy Getter 0
humidity Getter 0
loudness Getter 0
lux Getter 0
meter_reset Setter 0
moisture Getter 0
motion Getter false Motion detection functionality. – detected, – not detected.
power Getter 0
pressure Getter 0
rgbcolor Getter / Setter 0 for all available colors
rgbcolor_down Color Components Setter The token corresponds to the changing component
rgbcolor_stop Color Components + “all” Setter The token corresponds to the changing component. Token “all” corresponds to stopping of all components mooving
rgbcolor_up Color Components Setter The token corresponds to the changing component
rotation Getter 0
security_threat Getter 0 Manual item. Should be added for all ‘security’ devices. It has value in dangerous states of security device.
seismic_intensity Getter 0
seismic_magnitude Getter / Setter 0
rain_rate Getter 0
shutter_command Shutter Commands Setter Item to control shutter’s border and favorite position learning.
shutter_state Shutter States Getter unknown Item to control shutter’s learning states.
soil_temperature Getter 0
solar_radiation Getter 0
switch Getter / Setter false
temp Getter 0 Temperature
thermostat_fan_mode Thermostat Fan Modes Getter / Setter First available token from enum
thermostat_fan_state Thermostat Fan States Getter / Setter First available token from enum
thermostat_mode Thermostat Modes Getter / Setter First available token from enum
thermostat_operating_state Thermostat Operating States Getter idle
thermostat_setpoint Getter / Setter 0 or closest to 0 If thermostat mode is “auto”, “aux_mode” or “away”, value of this item is an average of “thermostat_setpoint_heating” and “thermostat_setpoint_cooling” item values
thermostat_setpoint_heating Getter / Setter 0 or closest to 0 Valid only for “auto”, “aux_mode” and “away” thermostat modes.
thermostat_setpoint_cooling Getter / Setter 0 or closest to 0 Valid only for “auto”, “aux_mode” and “away” thermostat modes.
tide_level Getter 0
ultraviolet Getter 0
user_codes_keypad_mode Keypad Modes Of User Codes Getter / Setter unknown
master_code Getter / Setter Device specific pin code or “****”
master_code_state Master Code States Setter / Getter unknown
user_codes of Getter / Add dictionary value / Set dictionary value / Remove dictionary value Empty dictionary
user_lock_operation Getter userId=-1, action=”unknown” Display which user code was used to lock or unlock device
user_code_action Getter userId=-1, action=”unknown” Display which user code was used on keypad
user_codes_scan_progress Getter 100 Shows progress of user codes requesting (in percents), when it is required to get all user codes values.
velocity Getter 0
voltage Getter 0
current Getter 0
weight Getter 0
air_flow Getter 0
tank_capacity Getter 0
water_temperature Getter 0
electrical_resistivity Getter 0
electrical_conductivity Getter 0
frequency Getter 0
time_period Getter 0
target_temperature Getter 0 or closest to 0
blood_pressure Getter 0
water_flow Getter 0
water_pressure Getter 0
boiler_water_temperature Getter 0 or closest to 0
domestic_hot_water_temperature Getter 0 or closest to 0
outside_temperature Getter 0 or closest to 0
exhaust_temperature Getter 0 or closest to 0
heart_rate_lf_hf_ratio Getter 0
water_oxidation_reduction_potential Getter 0
water_chlorine_level Getter 0
exhaust_temperature Getter 0 or closest to 0
outside_temperature Getter 0 or closest to 0
water_chlorine_level Getter 0
water_acidity Getter 0
particulate_matter_10 Getter 0
particulate_matter_2_dot_5 Getter 0
program_status Program Status Getter unknown
program_failures of Program Failed Status Getter all supported programs with ‘ok’ value Program to status (failed or not)
position Position Getter unknown
sleep_apnea Sleep Apnea Status Getter unknown
sleep_stage Sleep Stage Getter unknown
voc_level_status VOC Level Status Getter unknown Volatile Organic Compound level status
rf_signal_strength Getter 0
basal_metabolic_rate Getter 0
body_mass_index Getter 0
body_mass Getter 0
total_body_water Getter 0
fat_mass Getter 0
muscle_mass Getter 0
relative_modulation_level Getter 0
respiratory_rate Getter 0
smoke_density Getter 0
heart_rate Getter 0
soil_salinity Getter 0
soil_reactivity Getter 0
soil_humidity Getter 0
volatile_organic_compound_level Getter 0
methane_density Getter 0
radon_concentration Getter 0
formaldehyde_level Getter 0
weekly_user_code_intervals of Getter / Setter Empty dictionary
daily_user_code_intervals of Getter / Setter Empty dictionary
goto_favorite Setter false Pass true to set favorite value of adjacent item
goto_preset Preset Setter idle Change dimmer value to one of saved values
zones_status Zones Status Getter / Setter disarmed Indicates, what security zones are armed
activity Activity Getter no_activity Indicates, whether an action in space was made with a device
bed_activity Getter 0
ammonia Getter 0
applied_force_on_sensor Getter 0
bone_mass Getter 0
condenser_coil_temperature Getter 0
defrost_temperature Getter 0
discharge_line_temperature Getter 0
discharge_pressure Getter 0
evaporator_coil_temperature Getter 0
lead Getter 0
liquid_line_temperature Getter 0
motion_direction Getter 0
nitrogen_dioxide Getter 0
ozone Getter 0
particulate_matter_1 Getter 0
return_air_temperature Getter 0
suction_pressure Getter 0
sulfur_dioxide Getter 0
supply_air_temperature Getter 0