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Updated on November 22, 2021


  • A dictionary is a data-structure for storing a group of dictionary items/objects. Each dictionary item is a key-value pair. When presented with a key, the dictionary will return the associated value.
  • This broadcast is sent when changes occur to a dictionary item This broadcast is sent instead of the hub.item.dictionary.updated broadcast.


    "id": "ui_broadcast",
    "msg_subclass": "hub.item.dictionary.updated",
    "result": {
        "_id": "588b7eb528b12d03be86f36f",
        "deviceId": "5df0b9e4dfdabe58a5a60020",
        "deviceName": "Touchscreen Deadbolt",
        "deviceCategory" : "door_lock",
        "deviceSubcategory" : "",
        "roomName" : "",
        "userNotification": false,
        "notifications": [ "12314324", "978343" ],
        "deviceArmed": false,
        "name": "user_codes",
        "element": {
            "1": {
                "value": {
                    "code": "Alex",
                    "name": "1234"
Field Type Required Description
_id string + Identifies which item has been updated.
deviceId string + The identity of the device to which this item belongs.
deviceName string + The name of the device to which the item applies.
deviceCategory string + Top-level grouping of the device affected by the item change. View full list of device category
deviceSubcategory string + The specific type of device affected by the item change. View full list of subcategory
roomName string + States the room to which this device is assigned (if any). You can assign devices to rooms in the Ezlo app.
userNotification bool + Special flag which allows you to convert this broadcast into a user notification.
notifications JsonArray + List of user ids to whom the notification should be sent. ‘null’ = all users. ‘–‘ = no users.
name string + The type of item. See full list of item names
deviceArmed bool States whether or not the device is switched on because a specific house mode is currently active. View full list of house modes
elementsMaxNumber int + Maximum allowed elements of a dictionary value.
stringRestriction string Regexp restriction for an item value of the type ‘string’.
userCodeRestriction string Regexp restriction for a field ‘code’ in any value of the ‘usercode’ value type. For example, this is used in the ‘user_codes’ item in the Item names page.
userCodeModes JsonArray List of available pin code mode. This is used in the ‘user_codes’ item in the Item names page.
operation string + Tells you what initiated the broadcast. Can be one of:
hub.item.dictionary.value.add –
Dictionary value added
hub.item.dictionary.value.set –
Dictionary value updated
hub.item.dictionary.value.remove –
Dictionary value removed
element JsonObject + The element that was updated. It contains element number and element value.
element.N.value any + The new value. N = count. This number will rise incrementally if there are multiple elements.