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Updated on November 12, 2021

Core module description

Core module provides an access to a coreD functionality.

CoreD implements and support the abstract model of gateways/devices/items to provide a universal way to control smart devices.

Gateway represents a communication domain or communication technology, like ZWave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, SPI, RS232, etc.

Device represents a smart device to be controlled/monitored, like smart outlet, smart lock, smart switch, etc.

Item represents a virtual control point [vcp], like turn on/off, set some value, get current value, etc. Such virtual control point [pcp] gets mapped to a physical control point like electrical relay, shift register, AC/DC meter, etc.


					gateway: zwave
    device: smart_lock_1
        items: lock/unlock, set_password, get_password???