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Updated on November 23, 2021


  • Device table
fields type description
id string an unique id of the device
gateway_id string an id of a gateway the device is being registering for
name string a name displayed by the UI
category string a device category
subcategory string a device subcategory
type string
device_type_id string
room_id string [opt] an id of a room this device belongs to
parent_device_id string [opt] id of parent device
info [opt] some additional information for this device
firmware array of object [opt] list of all firmwares in the device
battery_powered bool whether the device is battery powered
reachable bool [opt] whether the device is reachable
persistent bool [opt] whether the device is persistent. False by default.
security string [opt] Security level how the device is connected. Possible options: , , , . by default.
ready bool [opt] Ready status of device. value means device is ready to any changes. value means device is busy.
status string [opt] a device status
house_modes_options object [opt] Information about a device settings in preset house modes.