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Updated on November 19, 2021


  • Informs connected interfaces about changes that have occurred on a connected device. This broadcast is only sent if a status has changed since the last broadcast.
Field Type Required Description
_id string + A string of text which uniquely identifies the device that has been updated.
Device fields which may be updated (__DEVICE_CHANGEABLE_FIELD):
Field Type Description
name string The name of the device on your network. This might be auto-generated or a manually provided name.
reachable bool States whether or not the Ezlo hub can establish a connection with the device.
roomId string States the room to which this device is assigned (if any). You can assign devices to rooms in the Ezlo app.
ready bool Availability of the device. ‘true’ means the device is ready to accept new instructions. ‘false’ means the device is busy.
          "id": "ui_broadcast",
          "msg_subclass": "hub.device.updated",
          "result": {
            "_id": "588b7eb528b12d03be86f36f",
            "armed": true,
            "__DEVICE_CHANGEABLE_FIELD": value