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Updated on November 24, 2021


  • A notification sent when a scene’s status changes.
Field Type Required Description
scene_id string + Unique identifier of the scene.
scene_name string + User-created label of the scene.
status string + Scene execution progress. Can be , , and
userNotification bool + States whether notifications about the scene change have been sent or not.

This is always ‘true’ UNLESS the ‘status’ = ‘started’. Notifications are needed for the cloud.
notifications JsonArray + List of user Ids who will receive a notification of the scene change. ‘Null’ = all users. ‘ – ‘ = no users.
roomId string Identifies the room associated with the scene (if any).
roomName string User-created label for the room in the field.
    "id": "ui_broadcast",
    "msg_subclass": "hub.scene.run.progress",
    "result": {
        "scene_id": "5c7ff48b7f00002a07a408e3",
        "scene_name": "Scene Name",
        "status": "started",
        "userNotification": false,
        "notifications": [
        "room_id": "34524dsfsd",
        "room_name": "Living Room"