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Updated on January 3, 2022

nodes metadata

  • Provides information about custom scripts node’s metadata
Required: yes – for custom node plugins, no – for default plugins
Field Type Required Description
name object + A name property
name.text string + A name of a node
description object + A node description object
description.text string + A node description
author object + An author object
author.text string + A plugin’s author name
prefix string A unique prefix given to the plugin to avoid problems with naming.
type string + A type of a node. Should be set to for Data Source Nodes.
language string + The value, constant.
size int The size of plugin files.
placement object A list of places the devices that belong to the plugin can appear in the UI.
placement.static boolean Devices of the plugin should be showed up in the global list of devices in scenes creation interface.
placement.custom boolean Devices of the plugin should be showed up in the custom list (like Services) of devices in scenes creation interface.

Prefixed plugin metadata:

					    "meta": {
        "name": {
            "text":"Siren build-it plugin" 
        "description": {
            "text": "This plugin automatically creates siren device for controlling Ezlo Secure speaker functionality"
        "author": {
            "text": "Ezlo Innovation"
        "placement": {
            "static": true,
            "custom": true

If a plugin metadata contains non-empty prefix value, the config.json/id property should contain this prefix in it ({prefix}{underscoreSymbol}{shortPluginName}), and the whole plugin should be formatted to prepared to use this plugin name:

  • All paths inside of the plugin configs should use the prefixed name of a plugin;
  • All arguments of the Lua require(), loadfile() and dofile() calls should contain a prefixed plugin name;
  • The folder where the plugin is installed should also match the prefixed name of a plugin.