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Updated on November 30, 2022

Item Group Object

Item Group is a set of rules to filter out item modification events from the whole set of events.

An Item Group is used in composition with Device Group to filter out events from the event stream and react to a system state change on a group level. Item Group defines a set of items to which the filtering is applied. The stand-alone object is needed to create rules for items not present on a current hub, like rules for all the future hubs. Item Group contains the following filters:

  • item names
  • value type
  • value enumeration for token value types
  • hasGetter/hasSetter flags – to separate triggers and
  • controllables
  • persistent flag
  • All hub.item.updated events are filtered with all item groups to which there are references in active scenes.
It’s the second step of event filtering, from Device Group filtering. If an event matches the Device and Item group, it is passed further to item-based comparison to the Generic Comparison operator.