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Updated on February 3, 2022

When Blocks

block currently supports one or several events (conditions) and these blocks are connected by OR logical operators by default.

  • block json representation:
blockOptionsJsonObject+Options of the block
blockOptions.methodJsonObject+Json representation of the function for triggering
blockOptions.method.argsJsonObject+Json object with the names of the fields that must be extracted from the list
blockOptions.method.namestring+Describes the event type. Possible values: see below
blockTypestringName of the block type. Should be set as “when”
blockNamestringUser name of block
actionGroupstringID of an action group that this “when” block is linked to. Must be unique within the space of “when” blocks. After scene creation the value is replaced with the ID of the “when” block.
fieldsJsonArray+Array of the triggers. There is used the same format as it is in the then block but item address,
values etc
fields[].typeEnum+Represents the Item Value Type
fields[].valueAny Json Value+actual value corresponding the field name