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Updated on November 22, 2021


  • Version: 1.0
  • Classes: UI
  • Title: Hub info
  • Description: Return hub info (mode, firmware, hardware, …)
  • No parameters required.
Field Type Required Description
model string + Production name
architecture string + SOC architecture
firmware string + Firmware version
kernel string + Kernel version (for atom32 ESP-SDK version used)
hardware string + Hardware version
serial string + Serial number
uuid string + Controller’s UUID
offlineAnonymousAccess bool + Is anonymous access (without authentication via hub.offline.login.ui for requests via WS API or HTTP basic authentication for requests via HTTP API) allowed for local connections
offlineInsecureAccess bool + Is insecure access (WS and HTTP as opposed to secure WSS and HTTPS) allowed for local connections
location JsonObj + Location information
location.latitude float32 + Latitude value
location.longitude float32 + Longitude value
location.timezone string + Time zone name. Can be empty on internal error. Check logs on the hub for the error message ( for H2)
location.state string + Can contain one of possible values: , , ,
build JsonObj + Build info
build.time string + Time and date when the build was made (ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hhmm)
build.builder string + Where the firmware was builded (user@host)
build.branch string + Branch name
build.commit string + Commit hash
battery object If controller have no battery support whole section is not returned
battery.status enum , , , ,
battery.stateOfCharge int Percent of available battery capacity
battery.remainingTime int Remaining time in minutes to empty if discharging, or to full if charging
battery.health int Percent of current full capacity relative to original full capacity
uptime string + Hub uptime
localtime string + Current time on hub (ISO 8601: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hhmm)
Atom32: Kernel version get by call git describe –first-parent –always on ESP-SDK Firmware version .. major + minor parts is manually set Firmware file name format –.bin esp32-rev1-0.9.2.bin
    "method": "hub.info.get",
    "id": "_ID_",
    "params": {}
    "error": null,
    "id": "_ID_",
    "result": {
        "model": "ATOM32",
        "architecture": "esp32",
        "firmware": "0.9.2",
        "kernel": "v3.3-dev-239-g18118a6d5",
        "hardware": "rev1",
        "serial": "7000183",
        "uuid": "18980500-bf7b-11ea-8603-853e1e71d301",
        "location": {
            "latitude": 46.4828401,
            "longitude": 30.7595042,
            "timezone": "Europe/Kiev",
            "state": "custom"
        "build": {
            "time": "2004-05-23T14:25:10+0200",
            "builder": "jenkins@builder1",
            "branch": "qa",
            "commit": "cc2b9921c8572147d762674eacb9b02974ece302"
        "battery": {
            "stateOfCharge": 87,
            "remainingTime": 236,
            "status": "discharging",
            "health": 91
        "uptime": "5d 22h 18m 11s",
        "localtime": "2004-05-23T14:25:10+0200"