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Updated on November 22, 2021


  • This broadcast is sent when a device is newly registered to a gateway connected to the hub. For example, when you add a smart device like a light bulb, door sensor or thermostat to your network.
Field Type Required Description
_id string + A string of text which uniquely identifies the new device on the network.
parentDeviceId string + The identifier of the device’s parent device. This could be another smart device (e.g. one motion detector might have other motion detectors as its children), or the parent could be the hub itself. This field is empty is the device has no parent.
category string + The top-level device group to which the new device belongs. For example, the category ‘security sensor’ has sub-categories which include ‘door sensor’, ‘Leak sensor’, ‘motion sensor’ and more.View full list of device categories
subcategory string + The specific type of device that has been added. View full list of device sub-categories
deviceTypeId string + A code provided by the device manufacturer which identifies the device.
gatewayId string + The identity of the gateway to which the new device belongs.
name string + The name of the device on your network. This might be auto-generated or a manually provided name.
type string + The kind of device which has been added. Note – ‘type’ is not related to device category or sub-category. ‘Category’ and ‘sub-category’ inform systems like house-mode how to interact with the device. ‘type’ is less functional in a sense, telling us what the device *is*. It does, however, need to be specified correctly.
batteryPowered bool + States whether or not the device is currently powered by batteries.
reachable bool + States whether or not the Ezlo hub can establish a connection with the device.
armed bool + States whether or not the device is switched on because a specific house mode is currently active. There are four house modes – ‘Home’, ‘Away’, ‘Night’ or ‘Vacation’. For example, ‘Home’ will disable (disarm) your motion detectors so they don’t go off as you walk around. You can customize each mode to suit your own device requirements. View full list of house modes
roomId string + States the room to which this device is assigned (if any). You can assign devices to rooms in the Ezlo app.
persistent bool States whether or not the device is persistent. A ‘persistent’ device is one that cannot be deleted using the force_remove command. For example, the ‘Siren’ device on Ezlo Secure cannot be removed for security reasons. Making a device ‘persistent’ means custom plugins or UIs cannot remove it. This is set to ‘False’ by default.
info object Additional information about the device.
security string + This is the Z-Wave security level of the device itself and is read-only/non-user modifiable. Possible options: no, low, middle, high.
ready bool + Availability of the device. ‘true’ means the device is ready to accept new instructions. ‘false’ means the device is busy.
status string + The current operating state of the device. Possible statuses are: idle – The device is ready and operating normally. broken – The device is not operational. updating – The device is currently in an update process. rediscovering – The device is currently discovering the network. View a list of device statuses.
|valueIndent |JsonObject |- |Defining minimal value indent between different items | |valueIndent.item |string |- |Item id of another item | |valueIndent.minIndent |float |- |Minimal indent between current item and another item |
          "id": "ui_broadcast",
          "msg_subclass": "hub.device.added",
          "result": {
            "_id": "588b7eb528b12d03be86f36f",
            "parentDeviceId": "588t7eb528b12d03be86f36f",
            "deviceTypeId": "16_4_1_351_8706_256",
            "gatewayId" : "588b76a44e8c6e50a2826d9f",
            "category": "dimmable_light",
            "subcategory": "dimmable_bulb",
            "name" : "_DEVICE_NAME_",
            "type": "switch",
            "batteryPowered": false,
            "reachable": true,
            "armed": false,
            "roomId" : "_ROOM_ID_",
            "security" : "low",
            "info": "" { "key": "value", "keyN": "valueN" },
            "ready": true,
            "status": "idle"