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Updated on December 2, 2022


  • Notification about controller’s system time has changed. Initiated by the date/time synchronization process, like NTP service.

The event is emitted when the system time has significantly changed by: – the NTP monitoring time synchronization service; – [h2/h2_secure] when the time is change manually from console (using utility, for example); – [h2/h2_secure] on operation system startup, using filesystem information.

  • NTP time synchronization;
  • Operating system initial date/time setter.
Field Type Required Description
systemTime int64 + System timestamp after the adjustment
uptime object + Information about the controller uptime
uptime.uptime string + Readable uptime
uptime.current int + Controller system uptime, seconds
uptime.interval int + Printing interval for uptime
uptime.previous int Previously known system time