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Updated on November 22, 2021


  • Provides a way to pass HTTP(s) requests data to and from Lua scripts. Executes registered plugin script. Can use both HTTPS and HTTP connections on this endpoint. See also http_server Lua module documentation.

Type: ,


Data: Any data passed via HTTP requests (URI parameters, headers, POST request’s body)

Key Value Description
Authorization Only for https links. Basic + base64 hash of a user id and an access token A user id and access token in the basic scheme according to standard of Basic HTTP authorization.
HTTP Status Code Case Description
100 Continue. Handles header of POST requests
400 If a request doesn’t have data plugin name or link Id
401 If user or token header missed in HTTPS request or it has incorrect values
404 A plugin is not found; a link is not found; a link belongs to another plugin; a link is deleted
405 Method not allowed. Only GET and POST requests allowed
408 If a request runs more then 30 minutes
429 If a controller has more then 100 “opened” requests now
499 Client closed request
500 Any other error