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Updated on November 12, 2021


Internal error code Description(error message) Error code
User does not have permission
Closed for all
Devices is locked
Failed to edit user
Failed to get ezlos for user
Failed to get token for user
Unknown permission
Bad password
User has logged
Wrong current password
Failed to delete user
Failed to block user
Failed to edit email
User exists
Owner Failed to be unbound
Email is not confirmed
User not found
Key not found
Email does not exist
Failed to get hash
User blocked
User deleted
User disabled
User not logged
Bad login or password
DB internal error
Cannot generate token
No token found
Token has no user
Token has no serial
Token used
Token expired
Image too large
Image not found
Hub not registered
Hub not found
Hub not connected
Hub not linked
Failed to send to Hub
Hub deleted
Hub became online
Bad backend pass
Hub already registered on NMA
Hub Replica is not found
Unsupported adapter type
Unavailable adapter
Hub already registered
Failed to run script after restore backup
Stop script run error
Wrong backup version
Bad backup data
Backup was never performed
Uncompress Error
Unpacked size Error
MD5 Error
Unknown data type
No envm section in backup
No zddx section in backup
No zddxSize section in backup
No homeId section in backup
ENVM Uncompress Error
ZDDX Uncompress Error
STICK write Error
Failed to download firmware! Network problems!
Failed to download data! Network problems!
Failed to verified!
Failed to decrypt!
Failed to unpack!
Update ZDDX error
Dependencies update error
Update operations error
Unexpected error
Send file Error
Error opening file
Set logLevel error
Script open error
Script error
Remove net Error!
Add net Error!
Check Error!
Reset Wi-Fi Error!
Not sent command to gateway
Gateway busy
Zwave busy
No device found!
No subdevice found
Such name already exists!
Remote port forwarding failed: unknown error
Static server unavailable
Static server bad json
Static server bad data
Template already exists
Media stream subsystem failed to execute requested operation
Invalid or not existing roomId parameter value specified
Failed to add video stream (at least some of streams were not added)
Failed to remove video stream (at least some of streams were not removed)
Failed to load configuration file for video streaming
Failed to save configuration file for video streaming
Failed to register video stream (at least some of streams were not registered)
Failed to start video stream process (at least some of streams were not starred)
Failed to stop video stream process (at least some of streams were not stopped)
Failed to restart video stream process (at least some of streams were not restarted)
At least some of streams do not work as they should
Internal error of camera support subsystem
neither cameraId nor cameraUrl specified in call parameters
Malformed camera URL
Malformed FTP URL
Bad or not existing camera ID
Missing cameraId parameter
Missing sender parameter
UId system is entered shutdown mode
RPC call queue reached limit
Spread bus was not initialized correctly
Spread bus internal error
Object not found
Failed to send confirmation email
eZLO hub serial number is invalid
Placing subdevice is forbidden
Room not found
Room already exist
Scene is overlapping with other scene
Scene is ill formed. Can’t parse when block
Scene is ill formed. Can’t parse then block
Scene is failed. There is no such method
Can’t create scene with unsupported feature
Can’t find scene for deleting
Load scene from Json object is failed
The scene with this id does not exist