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Updated on November 17, 2021

Cameras module description

Module provides an access to IP cameras functionality (live streaming, recording, sending to remote storage etc.).
Sequence of camera live stream creating/removing:
  • add_camera_stream
  • create_live_rtsp_stream
  • delete_live_rtsp_stream
  • remove_camera_stream
Sequence of stream creating/removing to cloud:
  • add_camera_stream
  • create_stream_saving_to_cloud
  • start_stream_saving_to_cloud
  • stop_stream_saving_to_cloud
  • delete_stream_saving_to_cloud
  • remove_camera_stream

and could be invoked in any place.
should be invoked after .
and should be invoked in any order after
and should be invoked in any order before .
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