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Updated on November 23, 2021


  • Notifies about new requests or new portion of data. It triggers when the “receiving data buffer” is full or all bytes was received( according to Content-Length header ) or two end lines were received.
idstring+Unique ID of a connection
link_idstring+Identifier of a link
user_dataanyUser data that was passed to a http_server.create_link_url() call.
methodstring+The HTTP method used, one of , .
codeint+HTTP request return code
headersarray of objectsRequest headers
headers[].keystring+Header name
headers[].valuestring+Header value
paramsarray of objectsRequest URL search parameters
params[].keystring+Header name
params[].valuestring+Header value
datastring, binary+Part of data received from a server. Can be in text or binary format.
lastboolLast part of HTTP request’s data. If all bytes were received (according to Content-Length header) or two end lines were received than this field should be true, in all other cases false.