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Updated on November 26, 2021


  • sent when some changes happened to an item (contains only changes).
    event = "item_updated"
    _id = "588b7eb528b12d03be86f36f"
    deviceId = "588t7eb528b12d03be86f36f"
    deviceName = "Switcher"
    deviceArmed = false
    deviceCategory = "switch"
    deviceSubcategory = "in_wall"
    roomName = ""
    notifications = { "12314324", "978343" }
    name = "alarm_water"
    elementsMaxNumber = 2
    userCodeRestriction = "\d{4}"
    value = false
Field Type Required Description
event string + type of an event
_id string + an id of the item
deviceId string + related device._id
deviceName string + related device.name
deviceCategory string + a device category
deviceSubcategory string + a device subcategory
roomName string + a room name
notifications array + List of user ids for sending broadcast notification to users( null – all users / – no one )
name string + see item.name(type)
deviceArmed bool related device.armed state
elementsMaxNumber int max allowed elements of a dictionary value
stringRestriction string Regexp restriction for a value in item of value type
userCodeRestriction string Regexp restriction for a field in any value of value type. E.g. it’s used in item .
userCodeModes array of strings List of available pin code modes. It’s used in item.
Item fields which may be updated (__ITEM_CHANGEABLE_FIELD):
Field Type Description
show bool whether to show the item (on the UI) or not
valueFormatted string an item value formatted
value object an item value
valueMin object lower limit of item’s value field
valueMax object upper limit of item’s value field