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Updated on November 26, 2021


  • Version: 1.0
  • Classes: ANY
  • Title: Try connect to wifi network
  • Description: Try connect to wifi network as client and save setting if success
Field Type Required Description
interfaceId string + Id of the interface (wifi)
network JsonObj + New WiFi network
network.ssid string + WiFi SSID
network.bssid string WiFi BSSID
network.encryption string + WiFi encryption (none, wep, psk, psk2)
network.key string WiFi encryption key (used with WiFi encryption: wep, psk, psk2)
ipv4 JsonObj IPv4 settings (default mode: dhcp)
ipv4.mode string IPv4 mode (ignore, static, dhcp, zeroconf (linklocal), ppp)
ipv4.ip string IPv4 address
ipv4.mask string IPv4 mask
ipv4.gateway string IPv4 gateway (for ppp used as remote endpoint)
ipv4.dns JsonArray IPv4 dns servers
ipv4.dhcpId string IPv4 gateway (used with dhcp)
ipv6 JsonObj IPv6 settings (default mode: ignore)
ipv6.mode string IPv6 mode (ignore, static, dhcp (stateful), zeroconf (stateless), ppp)
ipv6.ip JsonArray IPv6 addresses with prefix
ipv6.gateway string IPv6 gateway (for ppp used as remote endpoint)
ipv6.dns JsonArray IPv6 dns servers
ipv6.dhcpId string IPv6 gateway (used with dhcp)
Broadcast Description
hub.network.changed Result of try_connect request
    "method": "hub.network.wifi.try_connect",
    "id": "_ID_",
    "params": {
        "interfaceId": "wlan0",
        "network": {
            "ssid": "eZLO_Smart_House",
            "bssid": "fc:ec:da:32:a0:04",
            "encryption": "psk2",
            "key": "correct_passkey"
    "error": null,
    "id": "_ID_",
    "result": {}