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Updated on May 17, 2022


  • Transforms a string that consists of hexadecimal characters to its binary representation. The string should be of even length and should contain only hexadecimal characters in it. Every pair of characters form a single byte in a binary result.
fields type description
data string Target data to transform. Should contain hexadecimal symbols only and be of even length.
type description
string A binary representation of an input string
message description
input data size is more than 1000000 bytes Limits input size up to 1 million bytes
input data couldn’t be transformed to binary Input data contains invalid data to convert to a binary representation. It can be not of even length, contain inappropriate symbols.
					local security = require("security")

local hash = security.sha256( 'Some human-readable string' )
local binary_hash = security.from_hex_string( hash )