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Updated on May 24, 2022

Action Block Structure

Field Type Required Description
blockOptions JsonObject + Action block options
blockOptions.method JsonObject + Action description
blockOptions.method.args JsonObject + Action description arguments that should be read from attribute
blockOptions.method.name string + Name of action
fields JsonArray + Array of fields that must be extracted by the names
fields[].name string + Name of the field block corresponding of the declaration in
fields[].type string Represents the Item Value Type
fields[].value string + Value should be corresponded to the
delay JsonObject Delay to action after event arises. If this field is absent or is empty then delay is absent.
blockMeta JsonObject Block metadata information. Intended to save data needed for user interfaces.
delay.seconds int Seconds number of delay
delay.minutes int Minutes number of delay
delay.hours int Hours number of delay
delay.days int Days number of delay
control JsonObject Control flow of execution of this action
control.exception JsonObject Exceptions for execution of the action
exec_policy string It is execution policy of block. The block policy have higher priority then policy of scene ( see description of hub.scenes.create ). If block policy is absent then block inherits policy of scene. The block policy can have next states: – result of execution each block should checked and scene should be failed in case if block is failed; – result of execution each block should be ignored and checked only in the end of scene execution. If any action was failed than partially_finished status. If all blocks have this status and all of them are failed than failed status.