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Updated on January 3, 2022


  • Make one more request with an already opened connection.
  • Arguments: options: table
Table Field Type Required Description
id string + Unique id of existing request
type string Type of request. Possible value: GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, CONNECT, OPTIONS, TRACE. Default value: GET.
content_type string Type of sending content
headers object / array of objects Custom request headers. See The headers collection. The headers collection should be specified the same way the parent request does it.
keep_alive bool Keep the HTTP request alive after establishing connection. Each plugin can have not more than 50 “alive” connections. Default value: false.
repeat_allowed bool Allows sequential repeat_request() call after the request is completed. Otherwise, allows to get multiple responses on a single request. Default value: true.
content_length int Length of content data in bytes
data string, binary Data for sending
last bool Does all data was sent or not? Default value: true. If this field is false then http_data_send event would be generated for sending next part of data for this request.
handler string + Path to script file of plugin which should be executed when any event of connection would be generated( in HUB:my_plugin/http_receive.lua format)
user_data any User data that was passed to an http.request() call. Can be of any valid type: string, number, boolean, array, object. If is null, the value will not be set..
timeout int Timeout in milliseconds for waiting response. Default value: 30000 milliseconds. Max possible value: 86400000 milliseconds( 24 hours ).
connect_timeout int Timeout in milliseconds for establishing connection. Default value: 10000 milliseconds. Max possible value: 600000 milliseconds.
  • Return value: nothing
  • Required parameter didn’t define:
  • The file doesn’t exist:
  • The plugin doesn’t have permissions to the file:
  • Wrong format of the parameter:
  • Limit of the parameter is reached:
  • Connection doesn’t exist
  • Sending of previous request data didn’t finish