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Updated on May 10, 2022

List of error codes

Code Data Explanation Details
1 hub.gateway.zwave.err.sent.ok No error, request sent
0 hub.gateway.zwave.err.ok No error
-1 hub.gateway.zwave.err.fault General error
-2 hub.gateway.zwave.err.inval Invalid argument
-3 hub.gateway.zwave.err.nomem Bad alloc
-4 hub.gateway.zwave.err.time Timer expired
-5 hub.gateway.zwave.err.busy Resource busy
-6 hub.gateway.zwave.err.comm Communication error on send
-7 hub.gateway.zwave.err.unreach End point is unreachable
-8 hub.gateway.zwave.err.notfound Not found
-9 hub.gateway.zwave.err.inprog Cannot be completed immediately
-10 hub.gateway.zwave.err.unsupport Not supported for current version CC
-11 hub.gateway.zwave.err.netbusy Not possible to transmit data because network is busy
-12 hub.gateway.zwave.err.callback Invalid callback
-13 hub.gateway.zwave.err.result Invalid result
-14 hub.gateway.zwave.err.notsis The controller is primary but not a SIS
-15 hub.gateway.zwave.err.report.expired Report waiting has expired
-16 hub.gateway.zwave.err.values.getting Finish values getting due to reported fail — device channel
— command class
— request error code
-17 hub.gateway.zwave.err.mvalues.getting CommandClassValuesSetter: request value error — request error code
-18 hub.gateway.zwave.err.discover.req DiscoverHandler, request node info fail — request error code
-19 hub.gateway.zwave.err.time.req TimeManager, request failed, setup default node time diff — device node ID
— name of a time request
— request error code
-20 hub.gateway.zwave.err.nif.req Could not request node info — device node ID
-21 hub.gateway.zwave.err.nif.time Request of NIF has been timed out — device node ID
— [opt] interview step ID
-22 hub.gateway.zwave.err.nif.inval Invalid Node Info — [opt] device node ID
-23 hub.gateway.zwave.err.node.exists Node already exists — device node ID
-24 hub.gateway.zwave.err.node.notfound Could not find node info — device node ID
— [opt] interview step ID
-25 hub.gateway.zwave.err.interview Finalize interview on cc processing due to reported fail — request error code
-26 hub.gateway.zwave.err.smart.security Security bootstrapping of a Smart Start node has failed — device node ID
-27 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.open Cannot open backup session — request error code
-28 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.open.status Wrong status of opening backup session — backup status ID
-29 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.close Backup session closing failed — request error code
-30 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.close.status Backup session closing wrong status — backup status ID
— [opt] previous error data
-31 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.close.req Close session request failed — request error code
— [opt] previous error data
-32 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.read Read backup data failed — [opt] request error code
-33 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.read.status Wrong backup reading status — backup status ID
— read data offset
— read data length
-34 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.read.req Cannot start reading backup data
-35 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.write Write backup data request failed — [opt] request error code
-36 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.write.status Wrong backup writing status — backup status ID
— read data offset
-37 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.write.req Cannot send writing data request to chip
-38 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.write.eof Backup writing error, EOF expected but N bytes have been read — number of bytes read
— read data offset
-39 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.rst.open Open backup restoring session failed — request error code
-40 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.rst.open.status Wrong status on backup restoring session opening — backup status ID
-41 hub.gateway.zwave.err.bkp.rst.setdefault Cannot start backup restoring: setdefault raw failed — request error code
-42 hub.gateway.zwave.err.include.perm Controller has no permissions to start include
any other hub.gateway.zwave.err.unknown Unknown error