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Updated on January 5, 2022


  • This broadcast is sent by the hub when an item linked/registered to a device is created or updated.
  • An item is a device capability that we interact with when using a device.
Basic item command flow:
Field Type Required Description
_id string + Identifies which item has been added.
deviceId string + The identity of the device to which this item belongs.
enum array Finite array of possible token values
deviceName string + The name of the device to which the item applies.
deviceArmed bool States whether or not the device is switched on because a specific house mode is currently active. There are four house modes – ‘Home’, ‘Away’, ‘Night’ or ‘Vacation’. For example, ‘Home’ will disable (disarm) your motion detectors so they don’t go off as you walk around. You can customize each mode to suit your own device requirements. View full list of house modes
hasGetter bool + States whether it is possible to retrieve an item value from this device.
hasSetter bool + States whether it is possible to modify/change an item value on this device.
name string + The type of item. See list of item names. Note – this list of names might not include all item names. New items are continuously created as new device integrations are added to Ezlo. Please contact us if you encounter an item not mentioned here.
show bool + States whether the item is shown on the UI of the connected interface (for example, phone app).
scale string The type of measurement unit used in the item. For example, the scale for ‘power’ can be ‘watt’ or ‘btu_per_hour’.
valueType string + The format of the value. For example, if the ‘valueType’ is ‘int’ then the value is an integer (whole number). See full list of value types.
valueFormatted string + The item’s formatted value.
value object + The current value of the item. This may be a number or array.
minValue number Lower limit of the numeric part of an item’s value field.
valueMax number Upper limit of the numeric part of an item’s value field.
elementsMaxNumber int Maximum quantity of a dictionary value.
stringRestriction string Regexp restriction for an item value of the type ‘string’.
userCodeRestriction string Regexp restriction for a field ‘code’ in any value of the ‘usercode’ value type. For example, this is used in the ‘user_codes’ item in the Item names page.
userCodeModes JsonArray List of available pin code mode. This is used in the ‘user_codes’ item in the Item names page.
          "id": "ui_broadcast",
          "msg_subclass": "hub.item.added",
          "result": {
            "_id": "<item_id>",
            "deviceId": "<device_id>",
            "enum": [],
            "deviceName": "_DEVICE_NAME_",
            "deviceArmed": false,
            "hasGetter": true,
            "hasSetter": false,
            "name": "alarm_water",
            "show": true,
            "scale": "",
            "valueType": "int",
            "valueFormatted": ""
            "value": 0,
            "minValue": 0,
            "maxValue": 0,
            "elementsMaxNumber": 2,
            "userCodeRestriction": "\d{4}",