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Updated on November 30, 2022


  • Version: 1.0
  • Classes: UI
  • Title: Scene manager categories
  • Description: Create a new item group object
Field Type Required Description
name string + A name of a group. It should be unique and should meet firmware name length restrictions. Current firmware limits the name length of most objects to 128 symbols.
hasGetter boolean Marks a group as a group for filtering events in triggers. If true – only items that can be used as triggers match the group. Intended to be used in the UI to separate filters for triggers from filters only for controllables.
hasSetter boolean Marks an item group as a group for filtering controllable items and can be applied in the action blocks.
persistent boolean If true, it marks a group as a persistent group. Persistent groups should not be deleted with the “hub.scenes.item.group.delete” operation without the “force” flag set. Intended to provide predefined groups that the ordinal user is unable to edit. The default is false.
itemNames array of strings + An array of item name filters. Should not be empty. Should not contain empty strings.
valueType Item Value Type Filter items by valueType Item Value Type field.
enum array of strings List of tokens for the token item value type. Intended to filter token values one from another, draw select choices for Generic Comparison. May be present only in case of a value type is “token”, and the filtering between different tokens are needed.
valueTypeFamily string +/- (no, if the valueType is set;yes, if there is no valueType field) Set a list of operations applicable to the group in Generic Comparison. Can reference one of value type families, if the exact type of an item is not known, or the value type on the filter should be comparable to all types in the family: numeric, strings, etc. See hub.scenes.block.data.list / valueTypeFamilies. hub.scenes.block.data.list
  • Empty result.
Code Message Data
-32602 Wrong params,
-32602 Wrong field of object
-32600 Value is too long,
Broadcasts Description
hub.scenes.item.group.created Informs about the item group was successfully created
  "api": "1.0",
    "name": "Security Items Example",
    "itemNames": [ "security_threat" ],
    "hasGetter": true,
    "hasSetter": false,
    "valueType": "boolean",
    "enum": [],
    "persistent": false
  "error": null,
  "id": "_ID_",
  "result": {
  • Note: All fields are optional, except the .
  • Note: If valueType is equal to , the field can be added to provide variants of selection from UI. If the field is set, a filter should deny all broadcasts with values other then values from this list