• Sets the settings for video particle, used as a preview for a stream recording created by start_stream_saving_to_cloud. Video particle has a smaller resolution than the original stream.
  • The settings are applied per plugin, i.e. the specified settings will be applied to video particles created for all camera streams added by the calling plugin. The plugin’s name is determined automatically by the Firmware.
  • If the plugin didn’t specify the settings before calling the create_stream_saving_to_cloud, then the default settings will be used: preRecordDurationSec – 2, recordDurationSec – 3, resolutionDivisor – 4, format – “mp4”.
  • Calling this function after the create_stream_saving_to_cloud will not affect the particles created with the stream recording.
fields type description
preRecordDurationSec int The stream portion of this duration (in seconds) is recorded before an event triggers the recording.
recordDurationSec int The stream portion of this duration (in seconds) is recorded after an event triggers the recording.
resolutionDivisor int The divisor of the original stream resolution. The minimum value of the divisor is , if value of this param is smaller than the threshold, it will be automatically set to default. Optional, default divisor is .
format string Specify format of recorded file. Supported formats: , . Optional, if not specified or empty, format is used.
  • return: none
					local cameras = require("cameras")
cameras.set_video_particle_settings( 3, 3, 4, "mp4" )