valueTypesbooleanIf true, show a list of Item Value Types supported by the current version of the firmware.
scalableValueTypesbooleanIf true, shows a list of scalable value types (value types with units) supported by the firmware.
valueScalesbooleanIf true, shows a list of value for every present value type.
scenesValueTypesbooleanIf true, show a list of Scenes value Types. They are types to represent some scene-specific data, but there is no ability to create an item of those value types.
valueTypeFamiliesbooleanIf true, shows a list of value-type families. Value types can be united to families. A family of value types can be used to indicate what common operations can be applied to all types of a family.
comparisonOperatorsbooleanIf true, shows a list of value-type family-related comparison methods.
comparisonMethodsbooleanIf true, shows a list of comparison methods present in the firmware, and shows their metadata, that indicates what kind of parameters can be passed to a particular comparison method. via as command call.
advancedScenesVersionbooleanIf true, extracts advanced_scenes feature version. The same value can be obtained via as hub.features.list command call.