Field Type Required Description
clients object + Credentials for users/controllers/etc that connect to current controller
clients.{UUID} array of strings Array of SHA256 hashed keys (access tokens) for user specified by UUID
peers object + Credentials for controllers or devices you can both connect to and receive connections from
peers.{UUID} object Controller info
peers.{UUID}.id string + Controller serial
peers.{UUID}.tokens array of strings + Array of plain text keys (access tokens) for peer specified by UUID
current array + Data for the controller doing the sync API call
current[].certificate string + Certificate in PEM format for secure websocket connection
current[].private string + Private key in PEM format for secure websocket connection
current[].public_parent string + SSL Certificates Chain file to verify all controller’s certificates (during controller-to-controller connection controller-client will use it to verify controller-server’s certificate)