Field Type Required Description
current string + Id of the current mode
switchTo string + Id of the next mode (after switch to) or empty
switchToDelay integer + Delay (sec) before switch to the mod
modes JsonArray + Array of the houseModes entries
modes._id string + Id of the mode string + Name of the mode
modes.description string + Brief description of the mode
modes.switchToDelay integer + Delay (sec) before switch to the mod
modes.alarmDelay integer + Delay (sec) before sending alert
modes.notifications JsonArray + Array of user IDs or null if need notify all user IDs
modes.disarmedDefault bool + Use default (not editable) disarmed list or custom
modes.disarmedDevices JsonArray + Array of disarmed device identifiers (current)
modes.alarmsOffDevices JsonArray + Array of alarmsOff device identifiers (current)
modes.camerasOffDevices JsonArray + Array of camera device identifiers that should be off in a current house mode
modes.bypassDevices JsonArray + Array of device identifiers, which do not trigger alarms and do not emit Ezlo Protect events
modes.protect bool Enables or disables Ezlo Protect for a particular house mode. Default values: : , : , : , : .
modes.armed bool Marks house modes with flag. Default values: : , : , : , : . Added since firmware 2.0.33.
devices JsonArray + Array of device id with security sensors
alarms JsonArray + Array of device id which make alarms after trips
protectButtons JsonArray Array of protect button entries
protectButtons.[].id string + A panic button Device ID
protectButtons.[].service string + Name of a service the panic button is assigned with
cameras JsonArray + Array of camera device identifiers with items named make_recording