Field Type Required Description
type string + Type of the exception. Possible values are: , .
sceneId string Scene identifier. Used when the exception is of type and a block from the another scene is referenced.
blockId string When block identifier, which belongs to the scene, pointed by the parameter. If the is missing, a when block from the current scene is addressed. Required when the exception is of type.
name string Name of an expression variable of value type. Required when the exception is of type.
  • might be referencing a block from the current scene. To avoid the necessity to create and then modify the scene with id of the newly created block, id placeholders might be used. Scenes engine is now able to generate the unique id for a block and replace all same id placeholders with the generated id. To use this feature it is needed to add a block reference in the exception’s configuration with the fake identifier like “${idplaceholder-1}” during scene creation/editing and use the same placeholder in the definition of referenced block.