Field Type Required Description
interfaceId string + The network interface type (type: wifi)
status enum + Progress of the scan. Can be ‘started’, ‘process’ (ongoing), ‘finished’ or ‘failed’.
error object If ‘status’ = ‘failed’ then this field describes the type of error.
networks JsonArray If ‘status’ = ‘process’ or ‘finished’ then this field shows details of all networks found thus far. There may be multiple networks listed here.
networks.ssid string +

The Service Set Identifier (SSID) of the device that provides the wireless local area network (WLAN). The SSID uniquely identifies the wireless network.

This device is also known as an access point (AP). There may be multiple APs in a WLAN. The BSSID (below) identifies the exact device which provides the network.

networks.bssid string The MAC address of the AP/SSID listed above. string + States the type of security enabled on the network (if any). Example results – ‘open’, ‘wep’, ‘wpa-psk’, ‘wpa2-psk’.
networks.rssi integer

Received Signal Strength Indicator – the strength of the signal provided by the wireless AP.

An rssi closer to 0 is stronger and closer to -100 is weaker.