Field Type Required Description
actions JsonArray + Lists all actions undertaken to fulfil the update plan. This may include multiple update operations to multiple items.
actions[].operation enum + The type of operation undertaken on the item. Can be ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ or ‘
actions[].source string + Web server from which to download the required ‘’, ‘’, or ‘’. If not specified then the hub will update from the last provisioned source, or the source of the last successful update.
actions[].snapshot int +

Identity of the bundle snapshot to use for the update operation. If not specified then the hub will use the last provisioned snapshot, or the snapshot of the last successful update.

Developers can pass ‘-1’ to use the latest bundle snapshot.

actions[].type enum + The type of software that is getting updated. Can be ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’.
actions[].id string If ‘type’ = ‘’ or ‘’ then this field shows the id (name) of the extension.
actions[].version string + Version of referenced software
error object The version number of the referenced software.
operationId string + Error information, if any.