• Creates instance for saving video stream to cloud. This instance isn’t restored after hub reboot.
fields type description
streamId string stream id
segmentDuration int portion of stream to save in seconds. Returns error if duration less than 30 seconds
secondsBeforeStart int save video before start saving in seconds (optional, if not specified, then 0)
segmentsLimit int limit segments that will be recorded to specified amount (optional, if not specified or 0, no limit is set). When limit is set after start_stream_saving_to_cloud is called saving will stop after specified segments count finished or stop_stream_saving_to_cloud (what happens first)
format string Specify format of recorded file. Supported formats: , . Optional, if not specified or empty, format is used.
  • none.
					local cameras = require("cameras")

cameras.create_stream_saving_to_cloud( "588b7eb528b12d03be86f36f",