alarm_sensor_value_updated – gets sent if alarm sensor value has been changed
    event = "alarm_sensor_value_updated",
    node_id = 2,
    class_id = 156,
    channel_id = 0,
    sensor_type = "water_alarm",
    value = 255,
    delay = 0
fields type description
event string type of an event
node_id int a unique id of a ZWave device within a Zwave network
class_id int class_id + channel_id construct a unique id of a pcp for a ZWave device
channel_id int
sensor_type string One of alarm sensor types
value int alarm sensor value. 0 – no alarm; 255 – alarm; 1-100 – severity in percents.
delay int indicates time in seconds the remote alarm must be active since last received report