Field Type Required Description
_id string + An identifier of a node
plugin string + A full name of a node’s plugin (corresponds to a config.json/id field)
shortName string + A short name of a node’s plugin (if a plugin has a prefix, this field will show its name without the prefix)
meta object A node’s metadata object
configuration object A node’s configuration object. Describes parameters of a plugin configuration request
Field Type Required Description
name string + Name of a node’s plugin.
description string + Text description of a plugin
author string + Name of an author
prefix string Autogenerated prefix for a plugin; name of a plugin will contain
type string + The type of a plugin, should be equal to for Data Source Nodes
language string + The value, constant.
size int The size of plugin files
placement array of strings A list of places the devices that belong to the plugin can appear in the UI. Example:
Field Type Required Description
type string + Type of configuration, one of , . Default value: .
script string, path Path to a file through which configuration is provided. should be an absolute path like: .
inputs array of objects Each object in the array provides a description of parameters for the configuration script.
Field Type Required Description
field string + Name of a field to use in parameters of a configuration script
name string + Human-readable name of a field, for UI
description string + Description of a field
required boolean + Indicates that a configuration parameter is a required field. All required fields are mandatory for a configuration call. If the field is false, the field is optional and can be omitted. Default is true.
type string + Type of a field, one of , , , .
format string Format of a string (like for IPv4 IP addresses; will be provided by Cloud later).