Field Type Required Description
_id string + Unique identifier of the scene.
enabled bool + States whether the scene is active or not. Can be ‘true’ or ‘false’.
group_id string + Identity of the group of triggers to which this scene belongs (if any).
is_group bool + States whether or not the changes apply to a group of linked triggers, or a single trigger.

A group of triggers is formed when two or more triggers are related by conditions. For example, ‘If the door is open AND the thermostat is on, do X.’

Can be ‘true’ (group) or ‘false’ (single).
name string + Label of the scene affected by the changes.
parent_id string + Identifies the room associated with the scene (if any).
when Objects Array + A list of the conditions/triggers that will initiate the ‘then’ action.
then Objects Array + A list of the actions that will occur once the ‘when’ conditions are met.
changed_by string + The command responsible for the scene change.
syncNotification bool + Special mark to request data synchronization between the cloud and the controller. This is only true if the name of the scene was changed.