Fields Type Required Description
_id string + an id of the setting
deviceId string + an id of a device the setting is registered for
label text + name
description text + description
info object implementation details
status string + synchronization status (synced, pending or failed)
hasSetter bool Can be changed or not. Default value: true.
valueType string + setting type
elementType string type of a single element of dictionary/array setting types (e.g. zwave_configuration)
value int : action : bool : string : rgb : scalable : dictionary of zwave_configuration +
valueMin int : scalable minimal value for int and scalable setting types
valueMax int : scalable maximal value for int and scalable setting types
enum dictionary.text
elementsMaxNumber int maximum list or dictionary

info field

Fields Type Required Description
zwave.parameter_number int + corresponding parameter number
zwave.parameter_size int + size of the corresponding parameter’s value