Field Type Required Description
params.configRev integer + Provision info configuration revision
params.provisionServer string + Provision server URL
params.cloudServer string + URL of the server device will connect to
params.provisionToken string Provision token to retrieve info from provision server
params.sslPrivateKey string Device’s SSL private key in PEM format
params.sslSharedKey string Signed shared key in PEM format
params.signingCaCertificate string CA certificate in PEM format
params.timeServer array Array of time server URLs
params.productName string Product name
  • Provision info is supposed to be updated during device lifecycle. With every update provision platform will increment configuration revision ‘configRev’ field. Device will update provision info only if its revision is newer then one already stored. If revision is older or equal device will ignore request. In either case device will show in response if provision info was updated and which revision is stored on device after the operation