Field Type Required Description
_id string + an id of the item
deviceId string + related device._id
deviceName string + related
deviceCategory string + a device category
deviceSubcategory string + a device subcategory
roomName string + a room name
userNotification bool + Special flag for Cloud for converting this broadcast to User Notification
notifications JsonArray + List of user ids for sending broadcast notification to users( null – all users / – no one )
name string + see
deviceArmed bool related device.armed state
serviceNotification bool + Special mark from related device
fwTimestampMs int64 + A timestamp in milliseconds when the event has happened.
elementsMaxNumber int + max allowed elements of a dictionary value
stringRestriction string Regexp restriction for a value in item of value type
userCodeRestriction string Regexp restriction for a field in any value of value type. E.g. it’s used in item .
userCodeModes JsonArray List of available pin code modes. It’s used in item.
operation string + The operation field defines the initiator of this broadcast:
element JsonObject + The element what was updated. It contains element number and element value.
element.N.value any + The element value.